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Flying Baptism (Tandem)


Want to fulfill the dream of flight? Fly in the Madeira skies with a qualified pilot. Accessible to almost everybody and age. Just sit back and relax. Dont't forget to bring your camera!


Required equipment not supplied:

- hiking boots or shoes with ankle support

- jeans and jacket


Here are some videos from other passangers unique experience! 



To make a tandem flight with a qualified pilot all you need is to fill the form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.


  • Weight: Less than 90 kg, above 45 kg.
  • Being able to do a short but quick run.
  • No back or knee problems.



(including country code)
Range of days available to fly

The more days, the more chances to have a flyable day.


First day

Last day
Flight location : Madalena do Mar