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In the midst Atlantic Ocean, is the Madeira Archipelag, formed by Madeira (main island), Porto Santo, Desertas and Selvagens.
The simpathy is the main atribute of the gents of this archipelag, which natural beauty and warm climate present themselves as the main attraction.

But the islands mean, today, a place shortly distanced from Europe, that allows the visitor to conciliate vacations on the beach, mountain, city or country side.

The Madeira and Porto Santo islands constitute an idealistic place to relax, find mind and body balance necessary to fight the day-to-day rythm.

Madeira Islands is also very famous for its Nature caracteristic, in which the major role is the Laurissilva Forest, reliq forest, classified by UNESCO as World Natural Patrimony.

The tempered climate, alied to sea temperatures never below 17 degrees Celsius, offer the oportunity to be always active, allowing for a wide array of open air sports, all year round.

Tradition and the costums, cimented in monuments, museums, churches and local products as wine, embroidery and cuisine, endure the test of time and deserve a sp