Air Traffic Control: Report flight

Before any flight we should inform air traffic control.


In the region sometimes there's various VFR and IFR traffic.

  • fire fighting helicopter / SAR;
  • light recreational aircraft;
  • commercial airliners starting /finishing the flight in a panoramic way;
  • military aircrafts exercises;
  • drones in activity.

We must inform air traffic control (airport) about the area, maximum altitude and time schedule of the intended flight. Independently of the type of flight and location.


You should inform:

  1. your identification, the first and last name;
  2. that you're a paraglider pilot and you will do a flight;
  3. the takeoff location;
  4. the official /probable landing;
  5. the areas where the flight might overfly;
  6. the maximum altitude that you will be using;
  7. the hour the flight will be finished or at most indicate sunset time.

When you know there is nobody else flying, we should report back to air traffic control that the activity in this area (indicate the area) is finished. There might be other areas with declared activity. You do not wish to terminate those.


Madeira's airport control Tower

+351 291 520 021

Porto Santo airport control Tower

+351 291 980 204

The whole Porto Santo Island is within the airport exclusive area (CTR). Check Porto Santo Airspace Restrictions for more informations.