Pilot rating and insurance

Minimum and experience recommendations

License and insurance

Pilots should have a valid pilot license IPPI level 3 or more.
Pilots should have a valid insurance covering at least 150 500€ 3rd party liability.

Other insurance coverage

It's recommended to have medical care, hospitalization and search and rescue coverage.

Low experience pilots

Madeira's landings are invariably strips of pebble beaches. The takeoffs are small and all takeoffs above 100m are subject to thermal activity. It's not something advisable for low airtime pilots.

Highly recommended skills to have:

  • good glider control (groundhandling);
  • decent landing precision
  • good pendulum control in all axis

It is possible in certain areas and conditions for low airtime pilots to fly.
In this case it's recommended to have radio contact and supervision of other experienced pilots, expressly set to have an eye on you and the meteorological condition evolution.